Digital Roadmap
Digital Roadmap


The Digital Roadmap is an easy-to-use, step-by-step guide on the digital solutions that SMPs can adopt, and the training programmes to undergo, at each stage of their  digital development. 


The three stages of an SMP’s digital development are: 


Stage 1: Getting Digital Economy Ready

At this initial stage, SMPs need to streamline their operations and optimise their resources by using technology.  


Stage 2: Growing in the Digital Economy

At this stage, SMPs need to be connected with the ecosystem and integrate digital solutions to be able to consolidate data to generate deeper insights. 


Stage 3: Leaping Ahead

The third stage identifies advanced digital technologies that SMPs can implement to provide more innovative services and develop more intelligent businesses. 


Download the Accountancy Industry Digital Plan which will help you assess an SMP’s digital readiness and opportunities to go digital. Alternatively, use the online self-assessment tool in the SMP Centre. 


Accountancy Industry Digital Plan


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