Approved Entity

Firms can now use the title 'CA (Singapore)' on becoming an Approved Enitity

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Companies may apply to be an Approved Entity and use the description, ‘Chartered Accountant of Singapore’ and ‘CA (Singapore)’, after their names, under the Singapore Accountancy Commission Act (Section 25A).


A company, firm or a limited liability partnership may apply to be an Approved Entity from the Singapore Accountancy Commission (SAC) if it fulfils the following conditions: 

a.    at least two-thirds of the partners/directors are Chartered Accountants of Singapore [CA (Singapore)]. If there is only one director, the director should be a CA (Singapore). Where there are only two partners/directors, at least one of them should be a CA (Singapore);

b.    at least two of the following accounting services are offered as prescribed in the SAC (Prescribed Accounting Services and Conditions) Regulations 2020:

i.  Financial Accounting

ii.  Financial Management

iii.  Insolvency and Recovery

iv.  Internal audit

v.  Management Accounting

vi.  Taxation

c.    covered by professional indemnity insurance of an amount prescribed in the SAC (Prescribed Accounting Services and Conditions) Regulations 2020.

A non-refundable fee of S$400 is applicable and payable to the “Singapore Accountancy Commission” via cheque. 

Steps to apply for approval:

1.    Download the application form here.

2.    The application form needs to be signed by an authorised person, i.e., a member of  management such as a director/partner.   

3.    Mail the completed application form with supporting documents and a cheque of S$400 to:

      Singapore Accountancy Commission
      55 Newton Road
      #03-02 Revenue House
      Singapore 307987

SAC reserves the right to reject incomplete applications.

Application Period

Applications must be submitted within the following application windows:

Application Window Notification of outcome of application Validity of status
1 Aug to 31 Oct 2022 Dec 2022 1 Jul 2023 to 31 Dec 2023

Certificate of Approval

Upon approval as an Approved Entity, a Certificate of Approval will be issued.

An Approved Entity shall notify SAC of any changes to the information contained in the application form within 14 days from the date of change. This can be done by completing the Change of Approved Entity Information form. Email the form to SAC at

Applications for renewal of the Approved Entity status must be made within the renewal periods below. Please complete this form and mail it to SAC. 

Renewal Window Approved Entities to be notified of outcome of renewal Approval Validity Period Application Fees
1 Aug to 31 Oct 2022 Dec 2022 1 Jul 2023 to 31 Dec 2023 S$400.00

It is an offence for an entity which is not an Accounting Entity or an Approved Entity to describe itself as a ‘Chartered Accountant of Singapore’ and use the initials ‘CA (Singapore)’. If convicted, it may be fined up to S$5000. In the case of a second and subsequent offences the fine is up to S$10,000.

Complaints lodged against an entity for misuse of the CA (Singapore) designation must:

  • be submitted in writing using this form
  • include the name, UEN number (if applicable), address and contact details of the complainant;
  • have the nature of the complaint stated clearly;
  • be supported by documentary evidence;
  • be signed by the complainant.

SAC may dismiss the complaint if it:

  • is submitted anonymously;
  • does not include evidence to support the complaint;
  • relates to public accounting entities;
  • relates to personal disputes.

Please mail the completed complaint form to:

Strategy and Planning Department
Singapore Accountancy Commission
55 Newton Road
#03-02 Revenue House
Singapore 307987

For enquiries, please contact us at