Advancing the business valuation profession in the region.

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Established under the umbrella of the Singapore Accountancy Commission, the Institute of Valuers and Appraisers of Singapore (IVAS) seeks to foster professional excellence in the areas of Business Valuation and develop and grow Singapore into a Centre of Excellence for Business Valuation: 

  • Development of competency frameworks;
  • Promotion of professional valuation standards;
  • Setting of ethical and professional standards of practice;
  • Contributions in thought leadership, research and development;
  • Provision of quality education and training curriculum; and
  • Promotion of professional qualification and certification in Business Valuation

Through these initiatives, IVAS will seek to broaden the talent pool, deepen the expertise of Business Valuation professionals, uphold the public trust in the role they perform and enhance the reputation of the Business Valuation profession in the region.

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